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Manual driving lessons in Dublin have been the face of driving transmissions for almost as long as cars have been around. Manual driving lessons have ruled the road for decades up til as recent as the last 5 years. In the last 5-10 years the introduction of automatic transmission has vastly changed many peoples way of driving and commuting. Regardless of this manual driving lessons continue to be a desirable choice amongst learners today. Learning how to navigate a 5-speed or 6-speed transmission is a skill worth while to many. Not to mention the benefit of an unrestricted driving license allowing drivers to pilot both automatic & manual transmission vehicles.


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Half A Tank
6 Lessons - Manual
6 Hours Tuition
EDT or Reduced EDT
Use Of Pilot Car
Collection & Drop Off
Advance Access To ADI Planner
Pay As You Go
Full Tank
12 Lessons - Manual
12 Hours Tuition
EDT or Standard
Use Of Pilot Car
Collection & Drop Off
Priority Dates & Slot Booking
Full Access To ADI Planner
Save When You Pay In Full
1 Pretest - Manual
90 Minute Pretest
Use Of Pilot Car
Collection & Drop Off
Assesment Report
Own Car Inspection
The Rental
Car Test Rental - Manual
1 Hour Standard Lesson
1 Pretest & Car Rental
Insurance Cover
Road Tax Coverage
NCT Validation Certificate
Use Of Pilot Car
RSA Test Ready
Collection & Drop Off
Priority Slot Booking Dates
Full Access To ADI Planner

FAQ’s On Pricing, EDT, Pretests, & Car Rental

Sedat Eken
Sedat Eken
Lyle was very patient during my lessons and explained everything in simple terms.i found I was very relaxed and felt very confident driving with him.I would recommend him as a driving instructor. I will book my pre test with him when the time comes for my test.
ness s
ness s
Did many lessons with Lyle and he really helped me feel more comfortable on the roads. He’s a really nice and patient person so I always felt at ease. I would recommend him for many first time drivers.
Darragh Kelly
Darragh Kelly
Great all around experience. The lessons are well thought out and cover every area of the test. Lyle’s a great instructor and I can’t recommend Pilot enough.
Christina Hughes
Christina Hughes
Lyle was a really good driving instructor, I learned so much! I went in the car being terrified of the road and now I’m completely comfortable. I’d highly recommend him. Thanks so much for everything
Aliyah Oroyinyin
Aliyah Oroyinyin
My instructor was very friendly and approachable, I felt comfortable asking questions. His guidance to driving was always clear which made the process easy. Overall high standard and professional.
Saima Baloch (Sam)
Saima Baloch (Sam)
Had an amazing experience with Lyle. I was quite anxious to start but Lyle is very polite & friendly, he kept me calm and focused while driving, I have done 8 lessons with him so far had to take a break but looking forward to start again soon, I highly recommend him 👍🏻😊
Feze Naz
Feze Naz
Definitely recommend Lyle for anyone starting out driving lessons. He is highly professional, calm, patient, helpful in improving my driving and made me feel so at ease during all my lessons. Thanks, Feroze 🙏😄
Aankiet Sethi
Aankiet Sethi
Had an amazing class with Lyle. Lyle was super knowledgeable, very polite, great listener, wasn’t working me up , kept me calm and focused thru out. Knew when to praise and how to point out mistakes. Time flew by. Will definitely recommend.

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Manual Driving Lessons

Manual driving lessons Dublin for beginners, intermediate, and advanced drivers. For those looking to tackle the gears.


12 EDT Lessons

Beginner focused course for first time learners. Start or continue your EDT Dublin with us in manual or automatic.

12 EDT


Replica car pretests Dublin for driving test applicants looking to sit the driving test in the coming weeks. 


Automatic Driving Lessons

Automatic driving lessons Dublin are here. No gears, no hassle, just drive.


Car Rental

Use our car for your driving test Dublin. No stress of Insurance, NCT, Tax, we have you covered.

Car Rental

Reduced EDT Lessons

For foreign license holders looking to practice on Irish roads before sitting the driving test Dublin.

Reduced EDT

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