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Driving lessons Tallaght done right. If you are residing in the Tallaght area the chances are you have seen us on the road by the square, Tallaght hospital, or even outside your house doing pretests for manual and automatic driving lessons.  

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Sedat Eken
Sedat Eken
Lyle was very patient during my lessons and explained everything in simple terms.i found I was very relaxed and felt very confident driving with him.I would recommend him as a driving instructor. I will book my pre test with him when the time comes for my test.
ness s
ness s
Did many lessons with Lyle and he really helped me feel more comfortable on the roads. He’s a really nice and patient person so I always felt at ease. I would recommend him for many first time drivers.
Darragh Kelly
Darragh Kelly
Great all around experience. The lessons are well thought out and cover every area of the test. Lyle’s a great instructor and I can’t recommend Pilot enough.
Christina Hughes
Christina Hughes
Lyle was a really good driving instructor, I learned so much! I went in the car being terrified of the road and now I’m completely comfortable. I’d highly recommend him. Thanks so much for everything
Aliyah Oroyinyin
Aliyah Oroyinyin
My instructor was very friendly and approachable, I felt comfortable asking questions. His guidance to driving was always clear which made the process easy. Overall high standard and professional.
Saima Baloch (Sam)
Saima Baloch (Sam)
Had an amazing experience with Lyle. I was quite anxious to start but Lyle is very polite & friendly, he kept me calm and focused while driving, I have done 8 lessons with him so far had to take a break but looking forward to start again soon, I highly recommend him 👍🏻😊
Feze Naz
Feze Naz
Definitely recommend Lyle for anyone starting out driving lessons. He is highly professional, calm, patient, helpful in improving my driving and made me feel so at ease during all my lessons. Thanks, Feroze 🙏😄
Aankiet Sethi
Aankiet Sethi
Had an amazing class with Lyle. Lyle was super knowledgeable, very polite, great listener, wasn’t working me up , kept me calm and focused thru out. Knew when to praise and how to point out mistakes. Time flew by. Will definitely recommend.

Driving School Tallaght

Automatic or manual, for all looking for 12 EDT Lessons, Reduced EDT, Pretests, Car Hire for Tallaght test centre & more.

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So you want the best quality driving lessons near me money can buy in Tallaght that fit around your schedule, you can start immediately, and all still at a reasonable price? 

What if I told you our driving lessons Tallaght were extremely flexible to fit around your work and life commitments, that you wouldn’t have to wait for weeks if not months to start, it wouldn’t break the bank and we could still provide you with 5 star training to pass your driving test. Would you take my word for it?

Well thankfully you don’t have to just take my word for it. Ask any of our students past and present, our staff new and old, you can even ask all the people who have merely enquired for driving lessons Tallaght and have not yet started with us and they will all tell you the same thing. We offer you a time, a place, and a price the very same day you send your enquiry form, phone call, or email.

It’s that simple! Our highly diligent sales team are on call throughout the entire day to handle all the queries and enquiries coming through in relation to your automatic driving lessons Tallaght, manual driving lessons Tallaght, pretests Tallaght, car test hire Tallaght, refresher lessons Tallaght, and all things driving.

You have all the information you need to start.

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Coming Soon, The Theory Test App!

Download the Theory Test App on the app store for FREE to study for your learner and ADI Stage 1 theory test. Theory for Learner Car Drivers, Learner Motorcyclists, Trainee ADI’S for both the Car & Motorcycle.

Driving Lessons Tallaght.

Maybe it’s your first time, maybe it’s been a while. Either way, driving lessons Tallaght at Pilot are exactly what you are looking for, and here’s why.

1. Certified by the RSA.

Our experienced ADI driving instructors Tallaght have undergone relevant training procedures and have been approved and certified by the RSA

Many students have come to us over the years with horror stories of starting their driving lessons only to discover that their driving lessons were not logged or recorded in line with the RSA portal. At Pilot you always have peace of mind knowing that your driving instructor is an official Pilot driving instructor certified by the RSA and revetted internally at Pilot driving school.

2. Value For Money.

The money you invest will far exceed it’s monetary value. For the price of a dinner out or a new zara jacket you will receive professional one-to-one training from one of our own RSA certified professionals. Instead of buying that jacket or dining out that evening invest your money wisely into yourself. We promise that with the right training from us we will boost your independence & dramatically increase your quality of life. We add freedom and mobility to your life. That’s our offer.


We dedicate our time to you and only you. Your learning is our one and only priority, you get the attention you deserve.

Adapted Learning.

We know that every one learns at their own pace. You will never feel pressured with a Pilot professional, our team always cater the lessons to your ability. 


The national destination for driving

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3. On Time, Everytime.

You’re working 9-5, nightshifts, or maybe heading straight from college lectures to your part-time job. The only time you’ve gotten all day was your 1 hour lunch break or the late evening by the time you finish up. We meet you at your home address in Tallaght, work, college, or convenient meeting point to turn that meaningless commuting time into valuable skilled driving lessons Tallaght.

4. Available Now in Tallaght.

We don’t make you wait. When you get in touch with us you can expect to start your driving lessons Tallaght within the working week if not 1 week from the day you enquire (subject to your own availability). Once you start your driving lessons Tallaght you will be able to complete the full EDT course within less than 1 month in most cases.

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Maybe we’re a perfect fit, maybe we’re not but we’ll never know until you take action. The only person standing between you and that full driving license is you.

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5. Professional Drivers.

Pilot Driving School hosts some of the most highly trained & experienced professional ADI drivers/riders in the country. Not only on 4 wheels but also on 2! If you’re looking for somewhere cheap and cheerful we’re not your guys, we’re the best of the best. This is our livelihood, learn from the best in the business.

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Driving Lessons Near Me


Automatic Driving Lessons

Automatic driving lessons Tallaght are here. No gears, no hassle, just drive.


12 EDT Lessons

Beginner focused course for first time learners. Start or continue your EDT Tallaght with us in manual or automatic.

12 EDT


Replica car pretests Tallaght for driving test applicants looking to sit the driving test in the coming weeks. 


Manual Driving Lessons

Manual driving lessons Tallaght for beginners, intermediate, and advanced drivers. For those looking to tackle the gears.


Car Rental

Use our car for your driving test Tallaght. No stress of Insurance, NCT, Tax, we have you covered.

Car Rental

Reduced EDT Lessons

For foreign license holders looking to practice on Irish roads before sitting the driving test Tallaght.

Reduced EDT

Still Looking For The Right Driving School?

Flexible Payments.

Pay as you go on a lessons by lesson basis.

Instant Availability

Start times from 0-1 week.


Learn from young witted instructors that get it.

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