Driving Test Checklist

You’re preparing to take your first driving test. You may be feeling a bit nervous. It’s natural to feel anxious about the test, but with proper preparation, you can increase your chances of passing. Here is your complete checklist to help you prepare:


    1. EDT Lessons: Before you can sit the test you will need to complete a minimum of 12 EDT lessons with an ADI. for Reduced EDT holders this is 6 EDT lessons.
    2. License: Make sure BEFORE you show up for your driving test that your learner permit is going to be valid on the day of the test. If your permit is not valid the RSA will not conduct your test and you will need to pay for another test.
    3. TAX / INSURANCE / NCT : The car you wish to use for the test must on the day have clearly displayed proof of TAX, INSURANCE, and NCT. This needs to be displayed clearly on your front windscreen, emails of confirmation, jpeg photos, screenshots on your phone will not be accepted. If you do not have these your test and fee will be forfeited. *NOTE – Insurance disc must display green strip on the side of the disc, this indicates that it is valid. if this has been cut off or is not showing the test is forfeited.*
    4. Tyres: All 4 tyres must be in good condition. Insufficient tyre thread depth, deflated tyres with low tyre pressure, damaged tyre walls with missing chunks of rubber or missing locknuts will not be accepted. Check them!
    5. Lights: All brake lights, indicators, headlights, and foglight must be fully operational. A blown bulb could cost you your test.
    6. L-Plates: Must be clearly displayed on the front windscreen (passenger side) and rear (drivers side). Faded L-plates will not be accepted.
    7. Warning Lights: If your car has any warning lights on the dash such as an engine light, tyre pressure, or glow plug light your test will not be conducted and your fee will be forfeited.
If you have checked off all of the above you should be good to go!

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