The Benefits of Professional Driving Lessons vs. Learning from a Friend or Family Member

Should you take professional driving lessons or pop out to do a bit with mam or dad? Here’s why Professionals win every time..


Structured learning:

When learning from a properly trained professional you can rest assured that you will be receiving clear objectives of what you will be learning on the day of the lesson. This allows you to become aware of your current skill level and progressively build on it lesson by lesson. It is also a far more rewarding experience for both instructor and student when we see you surpass hurdles like the Reverse Corner or Turnabout.


Trained instructors:

We live in a fast paced world where rules and requirements to pass your driving test are constantly changing. While Mam or Dad may have passed first time 15 years ago A well trained active professional who works up to 40 or 50 hours a week will provide you with up to date information. Those are far better odds in our opinion.


Online Resources:

Any reputable Driving School in this day and age should be active on their social media platforms such as (Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube). A Successful Driving School should be able to forward online materials & content such as pre-recorded ‘how to’ videos or visual aid diagrams to help you really get it after your 2hrs behind the wheel.


Taking Work Home With You:

We all make mistakes especially when it comes to learning the skill of shifting a ton and a half piece of metal around for the first time. It’s daunting but A Professional will provide accurate consistent feedback on your skills and progress throughout the duration of the lessons and are generally only a WhatsApp text message away if you should have any questions. Unlike a parent or sponsor you may be living with who might feel the need to remind you of how terrible your steering or clutch control was earlier that day. Whether you realise it or not this shatters your confidence making you anxious to get behind the wheel again in fear of the comments they may make.


Insurance Benefits

Heading down to a quiet car park with a parent or friend had its time but unfortunately will do you no favours in the long run if you are pulled over. Not only are there initial consequences but the learning experienced is fuelled by the fear of getting caught with no insurance. The moment you hop into the car for your 2hr lesson with an Approved Driving Instructor you can rest assured knowing that you have full Insurance coverage whilst out in real road situations.


Proper preparation for the driving test:

On the day of the test you will be quizzed on your knowledge of the current Rules of the road, Road signs, and Technical car checks before even leaving the car park. A trained Professional will give you the highest chance of achieving a good score in this part of the test as they will know what questions & answers to cover in preparation and know all of the correct sought after answers. A sponsor may not be as up to date with the politically correct terms and information so just winging it will not be grand this time.

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