Cost Of Learning To Drive: Ireland

Cost Of Learning To Drive: Ireland


Before you get your full drivers license, there are a number of steps you must first complete:




*These Figures are based on a student doing the absolute bare minimum with regards to driver quality and preparation and assumes they have their own fully operational and fully compliant car. The average driver can expect to pay more than this.*


In total, the cost of obtaining an Irish driver’s license is approximately €650-€900 at the minimum. The most significant expense comes from the EDT lessons, which cost €50-€60 per lesson depending on the school. A total of 12 EDT lessons are required at the minimum to be completed under the supervision of an ADI.

Choose a reputable driving school who will help you prepare for the test at your own pace. Once you have completed your 12 EDT lessons your instructor will evaluate your driving abilities and advise when you should take your full driving test. You are now eligible to apply for your driving test (Provided you have held your learner permit for a minimum of 6 months).

You may opt to proceed with more lessons before applying at this point. On average a student will complete 24-36 Driving lessons before reaching test standard.

This of course will vary learner by learner making it difficult to put an exact figure on the costs of attaining your full drivers license.

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